Middle School Math / 7th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Michael Sasser

Phone: 510-724-0242 x110


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Michael Sasser

Hello, and welcome to the coolest page on the St. Joseph School website.  Why is this the coolest page?  Because it is about math, and math is awesome.

The resident middle school math teacher here is Mr. Sasser, and he's also awesome.  He also happens to be me, so take that evaluation with a grain of salt.

My mission as the middle school math teacher is to develop a deep understanding of mathematics.  Students in my class will learn multiple ways of solve a single problem.  Through this, they will learn why math works the way it does, and improve their metacognition--their thinking about thinking--in the process.

I promote a safe, fun atmosphere in which students are comfortable to make mistakes, and learn from them.