• 1. Students must report directly to Extended Care upon dismissal from class.
    2. After school Extended Care students will be signed in at 3:05 PM on regular days and 12:00 PM on minimum days. Students that participate in school sponsored activities immediately after school will be signed in at the time they report to Extended Care following the activity.
    3. Students not signed-in to Extended Care may not be inside the designated area after 3:15 PM on regular school days and 12:15 PM on minimum days. These students must be with a parent, teacher or coach while on campus after regular school hours.
    4. Extended Care boundaries will be clearly marked on the blacktop and students that have signed-in must be inside the designated area at all times.
    5. Parents or other authorized persons will pick up children through the gate on Prune Street.
    6. Students may not have visitors who are not enrolled in the program.
    7. Phone use in Extended Care is for business and emergency use only.
    8. Students will be expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. If there is a problem in this area, the parent or guardian will be contacted. If the problem cannot be resolved, the student may be dismissed from the program. A child’s enrollment may be discontinued for the following reasons: (a) Unusual, disruptive or ongoing negative behavior. (b) Non-payment of tuition or fees. (c) Health problems which require supervision beyond our normal teacher/child ratio.
    9. Students in Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten may not use the monkey bars.
    10. Once a child has been signed out of Extended Care, they must leave the designated Extended Care area immediately and may not return to the program that day. (i.e. - children may not be picked up for an appointment and then be returned).
    11. Please take note that all parents or authorized persons picking up students must park in the City Parking lot or park in legal street parking spaces. Do Not Park in the Red Zones in front of our neighbors’ driveways or block in other vehicles.