• Group Activities - Indoor and outdoor games and activities designed to invite group interaction
    as well as develop individual self expression. 

    Cooking - We offer a nutritional snack each afternoon. Students assist in the preparation of snacks

    as a daily activity. Regularly scheduled cooking/baking projects are a part of the monthly program.

    Outdoor Recreation - We provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as sports, organized

    playground activities and nature walks.

    Arts and Crafts - We encourage creativity by inviting students to participate in a variety of projects.

    Holiday Activities - During holiday seasons and special occasions, holiday arts and crafts, story telling

    and holiday videos will be part of our agenda.

    Homework Time - Time and space for after school homework will be provided.  It will, however, be the

    students responsibility to know what the homework assignments are. The Extended Care Staff cannot

    provide school supplies to the students.

    Quiet Time - During the period of time when just the Kindergarteners are at Extended Care, opportunities

    for rest and quiet time will be made available.