• MATH

    McGraw-Hill - MY MATH

    • Place Value
    • Addition and Subtraction Concepts
    • Multiplication and Division
    • Multiplying by One and Two Digits
    • Dividing by one Digit
    • Patterns and Sequences
    • Fractions
    • Operations with Fractions
    • Fractions and Decimals
    • Customary Measurement
    • Metric Measurement
    • Perimeter and Area
    • Geometry



    • Vocabulary for comprehension
    • Grammar in context
    • Building with Latin and Greek roots

    Sadlier- Oxford - Grammar 

    • Sentence structures 
    • Homophones
    • Identifying parts of speech 

    We will also, throughout the course of the year, be expanding our knowledge of:

    • Journal Writing
    • Book reports
    • Report Writing


    Harcourt School Publishers- STORYTOWN

    • Integrates listening, speaking, writing, and spelling
    • Thinking and Dramatic Reading
    • Comprehension strategies
    • Advancement of Vocabulary
    • Development of identifying and creating a variety of genres

    Students will also read silently everyday for 25 minutes. 

    We will be reading the following children’s novels as a class to integrate with our Social Studies curriculum

    • Island of the Blue Dolphin, Scott O’Dell
    • Patty Reed’s Doll, The Story of the Donner Party, Rachel K. Lauragaard
    • By the Great Horn Spoon, Sid Fleischman


    Foss - Environments 

    - Environmental Factors 

    - Organisms Life Cycles

    - Range of Tolerance 

    - Energy

    Mystery Science 

    - Weekly Videos Various Topics 


    Houghton Mifflin Social Studies- Reflections

    • People and places
    • Colonial California
    • Newcomers Change California
    • Growth and Development
    • Modern California

    California Native Peoples and Missions - St Mary's Press 

    • The Regions of California 
    • The Impact of the Missions on the Natives and Catholics 
    • Taking Care of Our State 


    Sadlier – We Believe: God’s Law Guides Us

    • Growing in Jesus Christ
    • The Commandments Help Us to Love God
    • The Commandments Help Us to Love Others
    • We Are Called to Holiness

    Pflaum Gospel Weeklies- VENTURE

    • Weekly Gospel message activities

    Stanford Harmony