• What will my child learn in 4th Grade?

    Math - Math Facts, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, and Measurement
    Science - The Scientific Method, Conservation of Planet Earth, and Observing & Documenting Different Organism Life Cycles
    Religion - The weekly Gospel message, and Liturgical Calendar
    Social Studies - Native Americans, Mexico, and California History
    Reading - Parts of a story
    English - The Writing process
    Language Arts - Spelling 20 frequently misspelled words weekly, and 12 Vocabulary words every two weeks, as well as 8-10 Robust vocabulary words with our Language Arts program
    Computers - Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Documents
    Spanish, Art, P.E., Music, Library

    What is the discipline policy?

    Please review the Parent/Student Handbook. In the Fourth Grade, we adhere to the same rules
    outlined in the handbook, so as to avoid any confusion. I pride myself on being fair, and I feel the
    punishment should fit the crime. I give lots of chances, to my students, to make good choices.

    What important projects will my child be asked to work on?

    Details will be sent home in the Monday class Letter:

    Native American Project - November
    Mission - January/February Actual Dates TBA
    Project Book Reports - Each Trimester

    What is the grading policy?

    The break down looks like this:

    Tests, Quizzes and Projects- 80%
    Classwork - 20%

    How much homework will my child have?

    According to the Parent/Student Handbook, 45 minutes to one hour each evening.

    Math - 20 minutes every week night
    Reading - 20 minutes 4 times a week
    Other Subject Work - 15 or 20 minutes (check your child's Daily Planner each day)

    *Most nights I will only assign Math, Spelling, and Reading

    How many tests do you give each week?

    I will let you know about upcoming tests, in the weekly letter, so students will have an
    opportunity to prepare.

    Spelling - Fridays
    Vocabulary - Every other Thursday
    Math - Monthly 

    Note: In all other subject areas, at the end of each chapter, there is a project assessment.

    How often do you communicate with parents?

    I communicate, weekly, through a Monday class letter. This is my primary means of communication. Student's completed work is sent home with
    the letter. The envelope is to be signed, by a parent or guardian, and sent back to me, indicating
    that you have reviewed all materials inside, and have no questions.

    What will I be responsible for signing?

    You will be expected to sign and return all forms (field trip, permission slips etc), Family Letter
    Envelope, Class Envelope, Reading Folder, Spelling Tic Tac Toe, and Learning Improvement Logs.

    Where can we find great 4th Grade Reading books?

    Go to my links page for a wonderful link, to a great website, that will help you, and your student
    locate a good book to read.