Grading Information

  • Per Diocesan guidelines, student grades are weighted 10% for Formative Assessments, and 90% for Summative Assessments.

    Formative assissments are used by teachers to inform their lesson planning to meet the needs of students.  For example, if upon review of a homework assignment a teacher finds that students are struggling with a particular concept, the teacher can alter the next lesson to review this concept. Formative assessments include homework, classwork, and formative quizzes.  These assignments are graded based on completion.

    Summative assessments are used to evaluate a student's progress toward meeting a specific standard.  An example of a summative assessment is a test given at the end of a unit on fractions.  Summative assessments in Mr. Sasser's class include quizzes, fantasy football, and Khan Academy assignments.  Summative assessments are graded based on performance (i.e. did the student solve the math problem correctly).