Dress Guidelines

  • Grades Kindergarden through Five: My supply list is simple. A good pair of tennis shoes that are in compliance with the Parent/Student Handbook. Three quarters length or high top standard top shoe are recommended. If your child is experiencing foot problems, consult your student's pediatrician. On very hot days, a hat and/or sun screen is strongly advised. Students may wear hats in my class, when we're outside. As your child reaches the Junior high level, several factors weigh in. Our boys and girls begin to turn into young men and women. Voice patterns, body influx, mental development and Building self esteem, is crucial at this juncture. Also the ability to feel comfortable (in their skin) without fear of ridicule or taunting. Because we are a Christ-centered community, I base all lessons on keeping our students faith-filled, happy and fit throughout a rigorous day of academics.

    Grades Six through Eight: The items stated below, are strongly advised: All items listed for grades K-5. Boys should dress appropriately at all times. If shorts are worn, they must cover the entire waist and stop at the knee. Crew cut or cut sleeved tees may be worn. No TANK TOPS. Girls should wear a comfortable pair of shorts under their skirts which will allow them to feel safe attempting all scheduled activities. Girls may wear sports tops designed for girls that will not cause unwarranted attention to themselves. Work out gloves, batting gloves, soccer gloves or any type of glove that will protect the hands and fingers during certain activities, are recommended. If your child wears braces, make sure you consult your orthopedics for the proper mouth protection needed. Other items may be required for special activities. Parents will be notified in due time, if such activity should come up.