• 1.How will my child earn a good grade in Physical Education?

    Your child will earn their grade by putting forth their best effort in all subject matter covered. Each student will be graded according to their participation and right to pass skill set, mutual respect for themselves and others, attentive listening skills and most importantly the ability to show appreciation for themselves as well as their peers without putting another student down or the effort of another student.

    2.When will my child experience the Archery Program at St. Joseph School?

    Your child will have the opportunity to join our exciting Archery program once they've stepped up to our Middle School grade levels Sixth, Seventh and Eighth. Each student will be required to research the SAFETY RULES of Archery, print them out and take Two Rules from the site found; to discuss how they are important to our schools philosophy.

    3.Will my child be penalized (grade wise) for disabilities physically or cognitive?

    Absolutely NOT. Grades are generated through individual assessment and how close each student grasps class concepts and standards.

    4.Will my student participate in the Presidential Fitness Challenge?

    Yes, students from Grades Five through Eight, participate and-are introduced to the various skill set test, established in the guidelines for completion. Grade Eight will perform the actual tests for certification and Medal recognition.