• Homework Time


    St. Joseph School offers an after school tutoring program three days a week for 1 
    hour in a designated classroom.  The charge for this homework (tutoring) 
    program is $5.00 per hour.  The student will sign into Extended Care and must 
    be signed out of Extended Care by their parents or other authorized person 
    when using this program.
    A child is expected to have his/her homework completed before coming to 
    school in the morning and completion of homework in the morning before school 
    will not be permitted. Time and space for after school homework will be provided at 
    Extended Care.  It will, however, be the student’s responsibility to know 
    what the homework assignments are.  The Extended Care staff cannot provide 
    tutorial service during this time.  It will be the responsibility of the 
    student to provide his/her own materials.