• Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten School Supplies


    1. 2 Kleenex Boxes

    2. 2 Full-sized containers of Cleaning Wipes

    3. Elmer’s Glue Sticks (Minimum of 8)

    4. A pack of yellow #2 pencils sharpened

    5. 2 Expo Markers (Black)

    6. Ream of copy paper

    7. Art: 1 Pack of Play Doh

    8. Pack of Plastic Spoons

    9. Pack of Plastic Forks

    10. Students A-L: Quart Size Ziplock Bags

        Students M-Z: Snack Size Ziplock Bags

    11. Lunch Box

    12. Full Size Backpack (No wheels)

    13. Emergency Food Kit

    14. Complete change of uniform clothing (labeled in a

        gallon sized plastic bag)

    15. Old Magazine (Age Appropriate)

    * Supplies 1-10 are communal in the TK/Kinder Classroom and may need to be replenished midyear. The emergency clothing bag needs to include uniform pants/jumper, blouse/shirt, socks and undergarments. *