• This page will answer questions commonly asked by students and parents.

    1. What happens if my child is sick?

    Call the Front Office to let them know or you may e-mail me and CC Mrs. Winter. If you'd like to pick up your child's Homework during the day, please let me know. It is not required for you to pick up their homework. They may complete it when they are healthy and have returned to class.

    2. What is the best way to contact Ms. Mitra?


    3. What is the homework policy?

    Homework will be given Monday through Thursday nights. Students will be given about twenty-thirty minutes of homework each night. They will also be expected to read at home throughout the week to continue working on the reading skills they learned in school. Homework reinforces learning and fosters independent study habits. Homework will go home with the students everyday in their Blue Homework Folder. Students are expected to bring their homework folder to school everyday with the homework completed from the night before. Homework will be given a grade of a plus, check, or minus. Homework might consist of the following:
    • Reading: read ten minutes every night***
    • Spelling
    • Phonics
    • Math: occasionally a worksheet will be sent home, but mostly the work will consist of problems from IXL.com and/or Mathletics.com
    • Religion: Students may be asked to read something to prepare them for events to come or memorize a prayer.
    • Science: Students may be asked to complete a worksheet regarding a field trip
    You can anticipate that Math, Phonics, and Spelling will be assigned every week. Reading should be done every night at home. Religion will only be assigned on occasion, since it will be handled in great detail inside the classroom environment.

    ***This is not included in the normal amount of time that students are allotted for homework.

    4. When do I get to see my student's corrected work?

    A folder will go home Monday with corrected work in it. Please sign the paper inside the folder and return it to acknowledge that you saw the work.