Accelerated Math (7-8) & Math Resource (4-6)

Mrs. Carol Arriola



Degrees and Certifications:

Accelerated Math Teacher Math Resource Teacher

Mrs. Carol Arriola

Greetings Students and Parents!

My name is Mrs. Carol Arriola. I am the Math Resource for Fourth to Sixth Grade. I am also the Accelerated Math teacher for Seventh and Eighth Grade. I have been working at St. Joseph School for 20 years and teaching Accelerated Math for 12 years. I have a Bachelor of Science degree, Major in Civil Engineering. The world of Math filled with numbers and formulas may either be exciting or complex and daunting for some. Students learn at different levels and at different speeds. Working together with the homeroom teacher, I help out small groups of students from Fourth to Sixth Grade who have difficulty and are challenged in Math. The goal is to improve their skills by giving them individual attention based on their needs. On the other hand, for those students who excel in Math, I am fortunate to teach a select group of students in Seventh and Eighth Grade who belong in the Accelerated Math Program. These students must have consistently done well in Math in previous years.  Doing well on the given assessment test, their final report card grade, and the Math teacher's recommendation are factors in selecting the students who qualify to be part of the Accelerated Math Program. This program offers students a higher degree of challenge which will help prepare them for future growth in high school. 

I want to inspire and reach out to students who may be confused and frustrated with Math by showing them fun ways on how to understand the concepts that are difficult for them. I take pleasure in seeing the looks on their faces when that light bulb gets turned on and finally have those aha moments! I am also humbled working with disciplined, dedicated, and motivated students who are driven to do well. Students who are not afraid to take on the challenge given to them as I teach them to not just solve problems mechanically, but rather use critical thinking skills which will propel them and be higher thinkers.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible"!

When I am not teaching or doing private tutoring, I enjoy relaxing, eating, traveling, and binging on K-dramas and listening to BTS!

Looking forward to meeting and working with my students!