Mission, Philosophy & Vision Statements

  • Mission Statement

    St. Joseph School is a Christ-Centered Community of Life-Long Learners. Each child is valued and respected as a unique individual and as a member of God's family. St. Joseph School is committed to providing a well- rounded education for our students. We promote the Christian growth of each child as he/she develops spiritually, morally, intellectually, technologically, socially, culturally, and physically.

    Philosophy Statement

    In accordance with the Philosophy of Catholic School Education and the Diocese of Oakland, the Philosophy of St. Joseph School is based on the teachings of Christ and is reflective of the Christian community at St. Joseph School. Catholic education strives to spread the Good News of Christ's all embracing love through the light of faith. St. Joseph School promotes the Christian growth of each child.

    The parents/guardians, as primary educators of the children's moral and religious development, are an integral part of the community life at our school.

    Active involvement is required. All Catholic families admitted to the school as active parishioners are expected to participate in the sacramental life of their registered parish by regular attendance at worship and faithful stewardship of time, talent, and treasure. All families are encouraged to participate as appropriate.

    We are called by virtue of our Baptism to be ministers of the Gospel. Through our Christian faith that binds us together, we provide a spiritual atmosphere of love, prayer, and service.

    The school staff fulfills its ministry as Christian educators. Aware of the diversity of God's gifts, children are encouraged to develop and enhance their talents. Our faith-filled academic environment historically fosters sound Catholic values, emphasizes academic excellence, and promotes responsibility to our local and global communities. This supportive Christian environment is provided by the parish, priests, Principal, faculty, staff, and parents.

    Vision Statement

    The vision of St. Joseph School is to provide quality Catholic education in the parish family setting for children in Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Students are encouraged to develop a healthy self-worth through mutual respect and compassion for one another as taught by Jesus. Acknowledging mutual values and diverse traditions, the faculty and staff will prepare the children to be enthusiastic and comfortable in their expression of faith. The curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child while recognizing the abilities, skills, and talents of each child. The school recognizes the fact that parents have the primary responsibility for the religious and academic upbringing of their children and that the school exists to help parents accomplish this goal.