Enrollment Cancellation


    1. Nonrenewal of Student Enrollment
      If the school determines that the school cannot serve the child, the child cannot benefit from its programs, or due to the repeated uncooperative or destructive attitude of the student or parent/legal guardian, the school maintains the right not to accept the child for continued enrollment.
    2. Recommended Outgoing Transfer
      Students clearly unable to profit from the school by reason of ability, serious emotional instability, repeated uncooperative or destructive behavior, or the repeated uncooperative or destructive attitude of parent/legal guardian will be asked to transfer when:

      1. The school has explored means to meet the needs of the child;
      2. There has been sufficient discussion with the parent/legal guardian concerning the child’s condition or the parent/legal guardian’s attitude;
      3. The transfer is to take place at the end of a grading period; preferably at the end of an academic year.
      4. The final decision is made by the Principal, in consultation with the Pastor and Superintendent.
    3. All financial obligations must be current.  Report card may be withheld pending payment. Parents must sign authorization to have records sent to a new school.