Transitional Kinder

Ms. Rebeka Lama

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Ms. Rebeka Lama

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  • In September 2010, the Kindergarten Readiness Act passed. The legislation changed the requirements for kindergarten entry from five years old by December 2 to five years old by September 1, so that all children enter kindergarten at age five. This gives fouryear-olds with fall birthdays an additional year of preparation before entering kindergarten.
    The intent of this policy change in California is to provide an extra year of support and growth in a two year kindergarten program to help address the challenges that many students entering school face in struggling to keep up in kindergarten. These challenges can create difficulties that persist as children advance through the grades.
    Transitional kindergarten acts as a bridge between a more flexible play-and–learn environment and the more structured academic setting of a kindergarten classroom. TK classes offer learning opportunities through small groups and hands-on learning. The “gift of time” the program provides helps students meet the social and academic expectations necessary for the traditional kindergarten class the following year.