Parent Participation Requirements

  • Participation hours need to be completed in two areas: General and Fundraising 

    General Participation Hours: Twenty (20) of the thirty-five (35) required hours may be served in any area that benefits the children of our school and our parish. Parents may earn these hours through any of the following areas: working in the classroom, organizing or working special events, attending board meetings, coaching, etc. See more details in the Parent/Student handbook. Note: If you receive financial assistance from the school, you are required to add ten (10) additional volunteer hours to the general hour requirement.

    Fundraising Participation Hours: Fifteen (15) of the thirty-five (35) hours must be earned by assisting St. Joseph Catholic School to raise funds for the school’s annual operating budget. This requirement is necessary to ensure increased participation by more parents in raising money for the benefit of the entire school community. Parents may earn fundraising hours during the school year through the following activities and/or events: Walk-a-thon, Crab Feed, Worlds Finest Chocolate Sale, Read-a-thon, etc. See more details in the Parent/Student handbook.

    Any fundraising hours over 10 hours will be applied toward General Participation Hours.

    Note:  If you receive Tuition Assistance, you are required to contribute 10 additional General Parent Volunteer Hours (PVH). If this obligation is not fulfilled, future subisdies may not be granted.

    How to find your PVH/PTG hours and SCRIP using Curacubby:

    Quick Instructions:

    • Log in to Curacubby
    • From "Overview" select >"View More" on the bottom right hand corner of your oldest child's name
    • Click on "History" tab
    • From "View compliance checks from" select drop-down participation hours" drop-down

    *Viewing Options: Select if you want to see All, or select SCRIP, or select Participation Hours

    If you have questions, please contant Maria Infante at


    **All Parents and Guardians must have the following in order to fulfill their parent hours:

    TB Verificaion: Parents MUST have a current TB test OR chest X-ray on file in the school office. These are good for four or two years, respectively.

    Safe Environment:  Parent MUST have a current Safe Environment Certificate on file. Print the certificate and bring it to the office.

    Live Scan:  A Live Scan clearance is needed. (click here for form)

    Driver Requirements:  All of the above as well as:

    Copy of California Driver Liscense (CDL)

    Proof of Insurance, which states policy holders name, policy expiration date and coverage amounts of $100K/300K or higher.

Important Documents