Faculty & Staff List

St. Joseph Administrators

Position Administrator
Principal Mrs. Natalie Lenz-Acuna
Vice Principal Mrs. Kathy Brunstein
Pastor Father Geoffrey Baraan

Faculty Contacts

  • Most staff emails are first name initial full last name followed by @csdo.org. If you are unable to reach a staff person by email please telephone the office for the correct email address.

Faculty Grade/ Subjects Extension #s
Mrs. Rebeka Lama-Chherti Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten 103
Mrs. Liz Gray 1st Grade 104
Mrs. Fumiko Leamy 2nd Grade 105
Mrs. Michele Morales 3rd Grade 106
Mrs. Elizabeth Bautista 4th Grade 107
Ms. Ann Pires 5th Grade 108
Ms. Alicia Ortegon 6th Grade Homeroom/ Middle School Language Arts 109
Mr. Michael Sasser 7th Grade Homeroom/ Middle School Math 110
Mr. Randy Aikawa 7th Grade Homeroom/ Middle School Science 110
Mrs. Kathy Brunstein 8th Grade Homeroom/ Vice Principal/ Middle School Religion and Social Studies 111
Mrs. Cynthia Salinas Technology Coordinator 119
Mrs. Rebecca Monson Music 117
Mrs. Carol Arriola Math Resource Grades 4-8 113
Mr. Keith Allison Physical Education 119
Mrs. Melva Craven Spanish (K-4th) 113
Mrs. Jennifer Kober Spanish (5th-8th) 113
Ms. Debbie Sutter Resource Grades K-5 115
Ms. Cecilia Salinas Technology Assistant 119
Ms. Taylor Cruz School Counselor 118
Ms. Andrea Santiago Art 117

Instructional Assistants

Instructional Assistants Grade and/or Function
Mrs. Linda O'Neill Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten Assistant(s)
Mrs. Mary Boyett 1st Grade Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Maye Pedrosa 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Hanadi Nabboud 3rd Grade Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Yanira Soria 4th Grade Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Carina Dichoso 5th Grade Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Therese Fontana Middle School Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Erin Brosnan Middle School Teacher Assistant

Support Staff

Support Staff Grade or Job
Mrs. Laurie Winter Office Manager
Mrs. Maria Infante Bookkeeper
Ms. Cecilia Salinas Technology Assistant