• About Us

    In August of 2019, St. Joseph School opened its doors to 267 students, commencing its 54th year as a Catholic school in the Diocese of Oakland. While the facilities and staff have changed over the years, the commitment to providing a faith-filled education to the children of our parish and our surrounding area has never wavered. With Christ as our teacher and leader, we have continued to practice and teach our Catholic history and traditions through our foundation in religion, while addressing the general curriculum necessary to produce students who are prepared to meet the challenges of a modern society. As a community rooted in Catholic tradition, we remember our beginnings.

    In 1961, Father Thomas Collins, pastor of St. Joseph Church of Pinole, expressed to Bishop Floyd Begin of Oakland a desire to build, staff, and operate a Catholic elementary school in Pinole. With the bishop's approval, construction began and the facility was completed in 1962. However, due to a shortage of teachers, the school did not open until 1963. At that time, through Bishop Begin's rapport with the Sisters of St. Joseph, Third Order of St. Francis, three sisters came to the new school and opened the first three grades with 103 students. An additional grade was added each year. The first Eighth Grade graduation ceremony was held in June of 1969.